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A camcorder that is 3D at both ends


Binocular vision: The 3D One in the Production Village

By David Fox

The new 3D One is claimed to be first integrated 3D camcorder to start shipping. The small Dutch company has twin lenses and twin viewfinders.
Looking like a 1950s' vision of the future, the 3D One has been designed to prevent users from shooting bad 3D. With normal 3D rigs, it is very easy to go out of alignment, something the integrated camcorder won't do - but 3D One has taken this further by not allowing users to go negative as it's a completely parallel system. "It's very easy to make bad 3D, which is what we want to prevent," said Marcelo Ackermann, development and marketing support, 3D One. "This is the most foolproof 3D camera that there is. You set it down, you press record, you stop, and you have your file recorded properly."
The lenses are 65mm apart, and users can see stereo through the twin viewfinders, which seem simple to align.















Steven Kouwenhoven (Prox Productions) met de 3d camera van 3d one